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Grèce: un météore chute en mer Ionienne !

Chers lecteurs,

Le 27 novembre 2013, une météorite est tombée dans la mer Ionienne entre l’île de Kefalonia et de Zakynthos. Les habitants ont observé un flash brillant dans le ciel suivi d’une explosion. Le phénomène a été vu en Thessalonie, dans le Nord du Péloponnèse, ainsi qu’au-dessus d’Athènes.

ANA-MPA — A small meteor fragment hit the earth’s atmosphere over the Ionian Sea in northwest Greece on Wednesday night, blazing across the sky as it burned up and alarming the people on the islands of Cephalonia and Zakynthos where the phenomenon was most visible, as well as in the western cities of Ioannina and Patras. No injuries or damage were reported.

People who witnessed the meteor fall into the sea reported a bright light across the sky and a loud thundering sound at approximately 21:30 on Wednesday night.

Academy of Athens Astronomy Research Center Director Panos Patsis told ANA-MPA that “rocks fall from the sky all the time”, noting that such phenomena are not unusual and most likely it was a small meteor or a fragment of a comet with a diameter of less than a meter. He said that most of the time they go unnoticed because they end up in the sea or in remote unpopulated areas on the Earth.

Eugenides Foundation Planetarium Director Dionissis Simopoulos noted that more than 100 tons of meteors fall on the earth’s surface everyday. He said that the meteor piece that fell last night couldn’t be larger than a human head in size and probably weighed approximately two-and-a-half kilos.

Both ruled out the likelihood that it was a fragment of ISON, the so-called comet of the century, which is expected to graze the surface of the Sun on Thursday night. They also said that there is a small likelihood it was a leftover from the Leonid Meteor Shower, as the phenomenon had culminated earlier in the month.

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